Project HIghlights

  • $1.5M Construction Cost
  • Completed 2010
  • Bike Trail Design
  • Survey and Mapping
  • CDBG-R Federal Funding
  • Preliminary Environmental Study
  • Project Coordination

Project Description

CNC Engineering prepared construction documents for improvement of a one mile segment of this Class I bikeway adjacent to a busy arterial, a golf course and private residences. The trail provides an off-street alternative to on-street bicycle routes within the vicinity. The following are some of the project highlights and accomplishments achieved by CNC:

  • Survey and Mapping the entire one mile length of the project.
  • Design of new layout, profile and sections in accordance with Caltrans Highway Design Manual, Chapter 1000, “Bikeway Planning and Design”.
  • Design of removal and replacement of the asphalt concrete straight alignment with a meandering Portland concrete bike trail with an undulating profile.
  • Bollard light layout design to provide minimum set-back from the edge of bikeway required by Caltrans.
  • Preparation of signing and striping plans for the bikeway.
  • Prepared the project specifications in accordance with the Federal Government requirements for Transportation Enhancement and CDBG-R funding.
  • Prepared the Preliminary Environmental Study (PES) and processed the document through Caltrans Division of Local Assistance for approval and issuance of an E-76 permit for obligation of Transportation Enhancement funding for construction of the project.
  • Prepared a lighting study to evaluate various types of bollard, post-top, ground lighting and solar powered lighting and identified the most energy efficient lighting for the trail.
  • Prepared planting and irrigation plans for the bikeway beautification.
  • Provided coordination with over ten utility purveyors, including the Southern California Edison for bikeway lighting and the local water company for landscape irrigation.
  • Designed two staging areas for bicyclists with various amenities including bicycle racks, benches, planters, fencing and lights.
  • Designed several decorative sign structures with strip lighting to identify the bike trail.
  • Identified existing trees for removal based on their condition and appearance.
  • Attended two workshops at the City to provide coordination among the various departments at the City including Engineering, Maintenance, Parks and Recreation as well as outside entities, including the operators of the golf course.