Field Operations Project Coordinator

CNC Engineering manages all facilities and infrastructure for the City of Industry. This includes buildings, houses, and traditional infrastructure like storm drains, sewers, and streets. In addition CNC Engineering manages the Industry Public Utilities Commission (IPUC) for the City of Industry which is a municipal electric system serving portions of business and residential properties within the city. It was established in 2001 and serves 100+ customers and will soon own and maintain all the street lights within the City of Industry (approximately 2500 lights). In addition they operate and maintain the Industry Metrolink PV-1 Solar facility with the plan to add more solar facilities. In addition CNC Engineering, Inc. provides the day to day engineering and Capital Improvement Project design for the City of Industry.
The Field Operations Project Manager with a water focus is a part time position and would be responsible for the management of the wide-ranging infrastructure and physical assets of the city, including streetlight infrastructure, storm drains, sewers, pavement, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, traffic signals and various other publicly owned facilities and infrastructure. The City of Industry also owns and maintains over 20 homes and condos. These residences are aging and need regular maintenance and repairs that the operations manager would oversee. In addition there are over 100 backflow preventers that need annual inspections and possible repairs and inspection for cross connections that the Field Operations Manager would oversee and coordinate. Utilizing a database computerized maintenance management system that the City of Industry has implemented called Cartegraph, the Field Operations Project Manager coordinates and documents work activities performed on the above noted infrastructure. The Field Operations Project Manager would report to the Field Operations Manager or the City Engineer as a backup.
Essential functions include:
  • Work under and for the Field Operations Manager to support their responsibilities
  • Assign work and coordinate the completion of maintenance and repair projects with vendors, and contractors
  • Use Cartetgraph (training on Cartegraph will be provided) to coordinate and analyze work activities
  • Ensure that maintenance, repair and operations are performed in accordance with approved policies, practices, and safety regulations
  • Research operations cost, review budget expenditures, and develop future budget plans
  • Respond and resolve a variety of complaints from the public and city staff
The following is a list of the projected breakdown of work:

Cartegraph Management (5-10% of time)

  • All tasks below would be entered into and logged into Cartegraph for reporting and record keeping purposes. This would be done both in the office on a desktop PC and in the field on an iPad

Street maintenance – Coordinate with LA County or City Contractors – drive the City streets regularly looking for (10-15% of time):

  • Pavement repairs
  • Striping and pavement markings
  • Sidewalk repair
  • Obstructions and hazards in the parkway areas
  • Street trees and parkway trees
  • Guard rails
  • Signage (street name signs and directional arrow signs)
  • Cleaning of parkway drains (periodically and prior to the rainy season)
  • Grade separation pump houses including emergency generators for grade separation pump houses

Street lighting and traffic signals (10% of time)

  • Inspection of SCE owned street lights when IPUC inspectors aren’t around or available
  • Inspection of and coordination of repair of IPUC and City owned street lights including at Expo Center when IPUC inspectors aren’t around or available
  • Inspection and coordination of repair of highway safety lights at traffic signals
  • Coordinate with LA County for traffic signal issues and repairs

Water rights reporting at Arnold Reservoir (weekly – 5% of time)

  • When training becomes available, take reporting class

Maintenance of City owned properties as needed (15% of time) including but not limited to:

  • All City owned housing
  • All City owned buildings (City Hall, Industry Business Council, Youth Activities League  and Expo Center Facilities
  • Open Space Properties including those properties known as Tres Hermanos, Tonner Canyon and Follow Camp

Water Related Maintenance (40-50% of time)

  • Oversee the back-flow and cross connections program.
  • Oversee the repair back-flow devices or the replacement of back-flow devices
  • Oversee contractors while testing back-flow devices

Stormwater Inspections (only if needed depending on other staff availability)

  • Take inspection training course to do stormwater inspections

Special City and IPUC Projects (5% of time)

  • Coordinate vehicle maintenance for City owned vehicles
  • Miscellaneous simple repairs around City Hall and other facilities

Safety Program (0-5% of time)

  • Help construction management team coordinate safety training sessions
  • Check with all employees for proper reflective vests and personal protective gear (eye protection, shoes, earplugs, etc)