Harbor Boulevard and Adams Avenue Intersection Improvements

City of Costa Mesa


– Civil Design
– 9 Alternative Alignments
– OCTA Coordination
– Property Owners and Managers Meetings and Coordination

CNC provided professional design services for the widening of the intersection of Harbor Boulevard and Adams Avenue. Work included design survey, preparation of nine (9) alternative alignments, evaluation of each alignments based on level of service, construction cost and right-of-way cost, precise alignment plans for the preferred alternative, traffic analysis, private property impact analysis and right-of-way engineering services, coordination with OCTA for relocation of three (3) bus stops and for construction funding and meetings with property owners and/or tenants of nine different parcels and businesses.

CNC also prepared the final plans, specifications and estimates for the improvements including street plans, storm drain modification, traffic signal modification, landscape, lighting, sign relocation, signing & striping and traffic control plans.